Vaasa is a large village situated on the road that joins the Trade Road near Thunderspire Mountain and Harkenwold. It was once a much larger community, as well as being the main breeder and supplier of horses for the Nentir Vale. However the town was all but destroyed in The Bloodspear War and of the several noble families only House Othmar – the only nobility with a stone keep – survived. House Othmar are well regarded by the current villagers as Lord Othmar crammed as many townsfolk (and breeding horses) as he could during the orc attack and kept them safe.

These days the main export of Vaasa is granite stone blocks from a large quarry, and fast, expensive horses, all owned by House Othmar. With Fallcrest also breeding horses, Vaasa found themselves unable to compete with the larger town in breeding common horses for everyday use and chose to specialise in horses for nobility, bred for speed and war.

The lord of Vaasa is Sir Tristan Othmar, a middle aged tall muscular man with raven black hair and a thick moustache whose ends are waxed into stiff points. Sir Tristan looks about 50 years old but is in fact 65, and dyes his hair. He lives in the keep belonging to his family that protected them 90 years ago, named Castle Farhaven.

Vaasa is situated near some hills from where the townsfolk cut stone. For many miles around the hills are plains, home to black panther type creatures called Plains Cats. These animals are rare elsewhere in the Nentir Vale, but are much more common here. Many of these predators choose to lair near the stone quarry. Most of the time they leave humans alone.


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