The god of spring, beauty, and the arts, Corellon is the patron of arcane magic, elves and the fey. He seeded the world with arcane magic and planted the most ancient forests. Artists and musicians worship him, as do those who view their spellcasting as an art, and his shrines can be found throughout the Faerie lands. He despises Lolth and her priestesses for leading the drow astray. He urges his followers thus:

  • Cultivate beauty in all that you do, whether you’re casting a spell, composing a saga, strumming a lute, or practicing the arts of war.
  • Seek out lost magic items, forgotten rituals, and ancient works of art. Corellon might have inspired them in the world’s first days.
  • Thwart the followers of Lolth at every opportunity.

Corellon’s clerics and priests wear silver circlets and gossamer robes of the brightest azure. They often wear blue cloaks. His favored weapon is the longsword.

Priests of Corellon are known as “Muses” (those more involved in art) or sometimes “Mystics” (those more involved in magic). The temples of Muses are museums of beautiful art or grand theaters. Muses/Mystics of Corellon are often closely aligned with Arcane practitioners, as their god is the god not only of art, but magic as well. Many Muses and all Mystics dabble in magic, dual or multiclassing into wizard or illusionist classes. The Church is not very hierarchical, but priests in different towns maintain correspondence with other clergymen so they may send their best works and performers on traveling exhibitions.


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