Scruffy half elf jack-of-all-trades, often with the smell of alcohol about him.


Reaver has wandered the wilderness ever since he was a child. Born to a human mother and elven father, his mixed heritage has brought him nothing but trouble. Elven society shuns him and he does not feel comfortable with humans, although they tend to tolerate him more than elves do.

Reaver finds solace at the bottom of an ale jug. Often finding himself in touble with the local constabulary for doing so. Never being able to stay in one place for too long, Reaver travels from town to town offering whatever services he can to the locals.

His travels have recently brought him to Winterhaven. Already his antics have started to give him a reputation. He has already seen the inside of the towns watch house several times.

Both his experience in prisons and his frequent bar fights have made Reaver experienced with both hand and sword. Not to mention the ‘skills’ he has aquired from other inmates.

However in an attempt to ‘straighten’ himself out, Reaver has found work with a local magician named Valthrun. Reaver seems to have a bit of a knack at magic as well (the one good thing his elven blood has given him) and Valthrun has offered to teach him a few spells in exchange for meanial services.

When Lord Vallen asked important members of the Winterhaven community about assembling a team of adventurers, Valthrun volunteered both his apprentice Dobby, and his servant Reaver.


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