Keilyn Vallen

Lord Vallen is the ruler of Winterhaven


Tall with short light brown hair going grey in places, Lord Vallen usually wears some kind of animal fur or pelt. On the rare moments when he takes to the battlefield, Lord Vallen wears his shining armour astride his heavy warhorse.


As well as the ruler of Winterhaven, Lord Keilyn Vallen is also the leader of the Winterhaven Guard. He is also a paladin of Bahamut, god of justice, protection, nobility and honour. Lord Vallen has his own personal shrine to Bahamut at his mansion, and has a priestess of Bahamut named Moira in his employ.

Lord Vallen is about 45 years old and comes from a long lineage of nobility. His wife Iantha has given him four sons who are aged 17, 15, 13 and 10.

Keilyn Vallen

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