Lady Elizabeth Markelhay

Paladin of Bahamut


Lady Elizabeth Markelhay is the daughter of the ruler of Fallcrest – Lord Faren Markelhay. Elizabeth grew up in Fallcrest and it became obvious from a young age that she was destined for a life in the church, and as a noble it was no surprise was that she became a worshipper of Bahamut, the god of nobility, protection, justice and honour. The surprise was that while her family expected Elizabeth to become a priest, and maybe even a cleric, no one anticipated that the young woman would be called into the service of Bahamut as part of the Platinum Dragon’s righteous military arm – a paladin.

Lord Markelhay wanted to send his daughter south to Sarthel, the largest law abiding community in what remains of Nerath, to further her studies. However Lord Keilyn Vallen, ruler of Winterhaven and worshipper of Bahamut, hearing of Lady Elizabeth’s ascent into paladinhood requested that Lady Elizabeth should live with him and his family. He argued that he had a priestess of Bahamut in his employ, who could instruct Lady Elizabeth on religious matters, and he himself could give her martial training. As Lord Vallen is a noble from a long lineage, Lord Markelhay agreed.

In Winterhaven under Lord Vallen and the priestess of Bahamut in his employ named Moira, Lady Elizabeth furthered her knowledge of the tenets and scriptures of the Platinum Dragon. She stays with Lord Vallen and his family, and she trains with the local militia.

When Lord Vallen needed to assemble a team to investigate the mysterious happenings in the nearby village of Orlane, Lady Elizabeth was the obvious first choice of team leader.

Lady Elizabeth Markelhay

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