Elf scout and troubleshooter


Elisar the elf “scout and troubleshooter” was recommended for inclusion of the Winterhaven adventurers by Rond Kelfem, Captain of the Winterhaven Regulars and leader/trainer of the Winterhaven Militia.

What is less well known was that Elisar was “recommended” due to being suspected of involvement in one too many things in town. No proof was ever found, but Captain Rond Kelfem thought it might be an idea to keep him busy out of town for a while. The only reason Elisar had not been arrested on suspicion was that Kelfem considered the elf to be a great asset to the Winterhaven Militia as a scout, and that no one had actually been hurt in any of these suspected activities.

However the Captain of the Guard has made it clear to the elf that the consequences of refusing to be part of Lord Vallen’s adventuring party were not something Elisar wanted to consider, and so the elf has gone along “voluntarily” for the moment.

Elisar’s background is unknown. As he keeps to himself despite having been in Winterhaven for some months Elisar is relatively unknown in the town, including to his adventuring companions. In fact if not for the elf’s limited involvement in the militia they may not know him at all. However Reaver, who has his ear closer to the ground than his companions is much more aware of Elisar’s activities, but has decided not to mention them. One might suspect that part of Reaver’s decision to remain quiet on the topic of Elisar is that perhaps Elisar and Reaver have “collaborated” on mutual endeavors in the past, along with one or two of Winterhaven’s other less reputable citizens.


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