Young half elf magic user


The first thing to know about Dobby, is that Dobby is not his real name. He is happy to keep his real name secret and allows himself to be known as Dobby, which someone once called him by mistake.

Dobby is from an elf community in the Winterbole Forest, and as part of his learning of the world has been apprenticed to Valthrun the Seer in Winterhaven. His name was put forward by Valthrun to be included in the adventurer team assembled by Lord Vallen.

Dobby has a crow familiar which is usually perched on his shoulder, and which often caws angrily at people. Reaver once suggested that the crow expresses emotions that the serene elf would otherwise keep to himself. Dobby is known to have at least two brothers which have visited him in Winterhaven.

Recently Dobby was killed after being bitten by a poisonous snake. His body was subject to a reincarnation spell and he was reborn as a half elf. After some difficulty adjusting initially Dobby appears to have accepted his half human side. Those who know him might say he is more volatile, and perhaps not as nice as when he was a pure elf.


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