Tales of the Nentir Vale

The Rebirth of Dobby

It's hard being half the elf you were..

Back in Orlane, preparations were underway for the visit of Leopold Winward, High Priest of Pelor who had come to rededicate Orlane’s Temple of Pelor. It was rumoured that High Priest Leopold was from the far off city of Sarthel and had been touring the Nentir Vale with his entourage when he was asked to cleanse and sanctify the Temple. In preparation the Temple of Pelor had been scrubbed clean of all blood and dirt, bodies removed and all broken items repaired.

Dobby’s body lay buried in a coffin in a shallow grave until the High Priest arrived in a few days time. “It was what he would have wanted,” said Elisar. “And he’s not smelling up the place,” added Reaver.

The Golden Grain Inn, the larger of the two Inns, had been bought by Olwin and Belba Cralloon, who previously owned the Inn of the Slumbering Serpent. The inn was cleaned and scrubbed, damage repaired and was ready for business. They decided to give the entire Inn of the Slumbering Serpent over to the High Priest and his entourage for the length of their stay.

The villagers lined the streets for the arrival of Leopold Winward. He was an elderly man with a grey close cropped beard and a rather large beer belly, mostly hidden by his fine clothes. He arrived by horse and carriage, and had an entourage of about 20 people of all ages.

They day after their arrival the Mayor and the party broached the idea of a resurrection spell cast on Dobby. After hearing about the exploits of the party Leopold Winward agreed graciously and sent for the body.
“We have a problem,” he said. His voice had a slight accent. “Master Dobby appears to be an elf. Elves do not have souls, but rather a spirit, which is resistant to the call of the resurrection spell.”
Seeing the crestfallen faces of the party, one of the High Priest’s entourage stepped forward. He was in his 30’s, with a thin but long plaited beard on just his chin and a shaved head. Most remarkable of all were the multiple blue lighting bolt tattoos adorning his body. Lady Elizabeth recognised the man, obviously a spellcaster of some kind, having visited Ramme the old mage in his hut the night before.
“Perhaps I can be of assistance,” he said, in a similar accent to the High Priest. “I have a spell in my book which will transform the body and call the spirit back to it.”
“Your pardon..” Lady Elizabeth waited.
“Erik, just Erik please,” said the spellcaster.
“Your pardon Erik,” Lady Elizabeth continued. “But what will he transform into.”
“Ah, well that is the tricky part,” smiled Erik. “I can guide the transformation somewhat, so he won’t become and animal or a slug for example, but he will be a humanoid of some type.”
“Could he come back as an elf?” asked Neaves? “Or maybe a dwarf?” She had a twinkle in her eye.
“Those are both possibilities,” smiled Erik. “But he could also come back as a gnome, a goblin or a bugbear.”
“I’m not sure he’d like that,” said Lady Elizabeth, thoughtfully.
Erik“Some of the randomness is influenced by what kind of a person he was. If he was very pious and good person he will not come back as something inherently evil.”
“Let’s give it a go,” said Elisar. “It’s what he would have wanted.”
Lady Elizabeth nodded, and Erik made preparations.
The spell took about ten minutes to cast. Dobby’s body shone brightly and when the glow dulled down, he had been transformed into a half elf. His eyes fluttered open and he took a deep breath.

The next few days where difficult for Dobby. He had to come to terms with his human side. He was bad tempered for a while until he learned how to regulate emotions that seemed to come and go at a whim. He also had to come to terms with the fact he would probably be no longer welcome in his home village. However time was an issue, and it was not long before the party were heading back to the ruins in the swamp.



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